Wild horses, wolves, coyotes,& farm animals are crying for help. Boycott meat.

Double the life span of your precious dog or cat.

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Shut down factory farms. Stop the suffering. Send postcards.
Stop the ruthless cruelties to wild horses, wolves, coyotes, & others. Send postcards.
Boycott salmon, tuna, krill to save marine mammals. Send postcards.
Boycott Starbucks. Send a postcard.
Boycott companies that subject animals to heinous research.
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Fight cancer, heart disease, & more with a vegan diet & supplements.
Double your pet's life span. Avoid noxious dry/canned pet foods.
Hunting Hurts. Hunters: Shoot with a camera.
Raccoons or possums in your yard? Protect them.
Looking to adopt a sweet, precious dog?
Looking to adopt a loving, sweet, snuggly, cute cat?
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Is your pet having accidents in the house? Is he,she hyper? Easy solutions.
Easy house training of puppy --- No crating nor water deprivation.
Feed your dog or cat nutritious 'people' food 
instead of dog or cat food.

To discover the horrific substances in dog & cat food, scroll down to the bottom of this web page. These noxious substances are truly
beyond imagining.
Dogs & cats who exclusively eat nutritious 'people' food  normally double their life span.  Large dogs can live into their mid twenties without illness. They are much healthier than if they eat commercial dog or cat food.  

There is great savings in veterinarian bills and a
much better quality of life for the pet who eats 'people' food.

Nutritious people food is sufficient for greatly increasing the life span of your pet, but the ideal diet for pets is shown below.  Try to incorporate as much as possible from this.

Your pet's diet need NOT be as pure as below.  Just feeding the pet the nutritious foods that you normally eat will greatly increase his or her health and life span.

But the recommendations below are especially good for both you and your pets.

Don't feed your pet anything that you would not eat.

1.  Give your dogs and cats (& your family) bottled steam-distilled water.  You can buy it by the gallon.  Tap water is contaminated with chemical pollutants that build up in the body over time.  Animals need a continuous source of fresh,  plentiful water.

 2.  Feed your dog snacks of organic carrots & brocoli stalks.
Peel to remove any dirt.  Do not buy pre-peeled carrots unless organic. The non-organic may have been soaked in chlorine to remove the peelings.
3.  Vegetarian and vegan dogs and cats are healthiest.  Vegetarians live 15 years longer than non-vegetarians on average.  Vegans live even longer.  A vegetarian or vegan diet for your pet contributes greatly to long life and superior health. 

Encourage your dog and cat to enjoy lots of fresh, organic, raw vegetables
& fruitsOrganic brocoli, romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, green pepper, cucumbers, zuchini squash, bananas, pineapple, melons, kiwi, etc are important for animals as well as for people.

Exceptions are grapes, onions, avocados, and chocolate.

Do not feed
 grapes, onions, avocados, nor chocolate to your dog under any circumstances
.   One large serving of onions can be fatal to dogs due to the theosulphate in them.  Dogs are lacking the enzyme to deal with theosulphate.  It ruptures the blood vessels of dogs

Rice, rice products, apples, and grapes should not be consumed by people or pets.  Recent research shows that most of these foods are laden with toxic, inorganic arsenic and lead due to contaminated soils from heavy pesticide use in the past.  Even some organic products have been tainted

The roots of rice, grape vines, and apple trees especially leach toxic inorganic arsenic from the soil.  Chinese agriculture still uses arsenic and other horrific pesticides.  Most apples sold in the U.S. come from China because they are cheap.  'Organic' may mean nothing for products from China.  Their soils and ground waters are too laden with poisons. 

4.  The ideal diet for people and dogs consists of 80% fresh, raw, organic vegetables and fruit.  Raw vegetables and fruits contain very high quality protein.

5.  Also for high quality protein, add organic lentils,
canned organic beans, organic pumpkin, organic pumpkin seeds, frozen peas, high-quality whole grain bread, or canned Beach Cliff sardines.  Canned fish is cooked. 

Canned beans are as nutritional as home-cooked.  Because kidney beans require thorough cooking for health safety, it is best to purchase them canned.  Canning destroys most nutritional value in other vegetables and fruits however.  Other vegetables and fruits should be eaten raw if possible. They can be lightly steamed but even that destroys some enzymes.  

6. Fish given to pets should always be cooked due to the parasites in raw fish.

7.  Fish is better than meat for pets and people if not contaminated by mercury and other industrial chemicals.  The eating of sardines is best to avoid toxins. Avoid all river fish due to toxins. 

8.  Barlean's organic highest lignan flax oil is far superior to fish as a source of omega 3 oils for people and pets. Omega 3 oils are essential to good health.

9.  The most  healthful source of omega 3 oils is Barlean's highest lignan flax oil.  Buy it refrigerated at your health food store.  Buy it within a month of the manufacturing date. Keep it refrigerated and use it up within six weeks. Give your 50-lb dog two or more tablespoons a day. Give your cat one-two teaspoons a day.  Adjust for other weights accordingly.

Omega 3 oils are vital for good health and prevention of degenerative diseases.

10.  Extensive studies show that vegetarians live 15 years longer than non-vegetarians on average.  Vegetarians who avoid dairy products and eggs as well as meat live even longer with even better health.  Greater longevity applies to pets as well as to people.

11. If your family is not vegetarian, then you can feed your dog or cat lean cooked meat and Tillamook cheese.  Avoid serving your dog fat from meat as you would for yourself.  Do not give your dog bones, especially chicken or turkey bones.  Bones can splinter in the dog's intestines, requiring surgery.

Keep in mind that meat and dairy products are not healthful for you or your pets.  Click from the menu at left to fight cancer and other degenerative diseases with a vegan diet and supplements.

If you buy cheese, buy Tillamook cheese only because it does not contain BST as do most other cheeses.  Tillamook's cows enjoy Oregon's west coast mild climate.

Avoid Wisconsin and other midwest cheeses which contain BST and subject cows to rugged midwest winters.

Soy milk and soy yogurt are much more healthful than dairy for you and your pets.
12.  For added bulk, include small chunks of fresh, high quality bread, such as whole grain breadAvoid breads with partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).

13.  Feed your dog or cat at least two good meals per day, one in the morning and one at night.  Additional snacking during the day or evening is good for your pet.

14.  Allow your pet to eat as much as he or she wants to eat.  It is better to have your pet overweight rather than underweight.  High quality food will help keep your pet's weight normal.

15.  Include as much nutritious people food in your pet's diet as possible.

16.  It is best to feed your pet only what is healthful and nutritious for you.  That means eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables.  You can buy organic produce at Safeway, Kroger, Dominick's, Albertson's, Jewel,
Fred Meyer, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, A&P,
& many others.

Whole Foods has a long tradition of offering a wide array of delicious organic foods.  They indicate the country of origin on their raw fruits and vegetables.  Be sure to enjoy their organic 365 fresh-squeezed orange juice as you shop.  Their 365 pet foods are your best buy if you do buy any packaged pet food. 

Commercial pet foods:  Very carcinogenic (cancer-causing)

1.  Dog and cat foods, dry or canned, are lacking in important nutrients and they contain highly noxious substances.  Even the supposed 'best' of them !

2.  Most pet foods are filled with carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) from rendered fats and diseased 'meat' from packing plants.

3.  Old greases from fast food restaurants that have been boiled and fried repeatedly (highly carcinogenic) are put into vats at the back of the restaurant for pickup by
rendering plants.

4.  The fat removed from the  meat for grocery stores is picked up by the truckload by rendering plants. Carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) harbor in the fats.

5.  The rendering plants then mix together and re-boil these highly carcinogenic fats from these horrific sources, thereby making this crude fat even more highly carcinogenic.

6.  The rendering plants then sell this horrific crude fat to pet food companies for their dog and cat foods, both dry and canned.

On the pet food packaging you will find this gruesome rendered item listed as "Crude fat .........  minimum 17%" (or other percent) as if it's something we'd want in the pet food.

The word "minimum" allows them to put an even higher percentage than shown into the food.

7.  Rendering plants and pet food companies buy from packing plants and elsewhere the dead cattle and poultry that have been discarded for human consumption because of huge cancerous tumors and growths. This is included under the "Crude protein" or "Crude fat" labeling.

8.  Pink slime and ammonia are common ingredients in pet foods.  The ammonia is to kill the pathogens in pink slime. 

9.  Most pet foods contain gmo corn, rice, and/or chicken.  Recent research shows that non-organic rice especially has high levels of arsenic and leadChicken feed is frequently laced with arsenic on factory farms.

10.  Corn, the chief component in many pet foods, may be lower quality than even that destined for human consumption.  Corn may contain serious contaminants such as carcinogenic molds, especially aflotoxins.  Since it is non-organic, it is likely to be gmo.

Read 'Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth' by Eric Herm.

11.  The corn, rice, and/or other ingredients may be coming from China or other countries where especially horrific pesticides and insecticides are used.  Ground waters are highly contaminated in China.

has become one of the primary causes of premature death in both dogs and cats.  More and more dogs are dying from cancer before they are even ten years old.  Inferior, highly carcinogenic commercial pet food is likely the major reason for this.

Notice how commercial pet foods tout their inorganic, gmo ingredients on their packaging, corn, grains, vegetables, and meat by-products, their chicken, beef, salmon, Alaskan white fish, etc.  Then stop to think about how these same companies disparage the feeding of the real food, the fresh raw organic vegetables and fruits, the chicken, beef, fish that would be home-cooked and edible for people.

I wonder why their sordid, over-processed, horrific products could be considered 'better' than the real thing?  

Contemplate the conditions under which these pet food products are cooked, boiled, whatever, to cluster them into dry kibbles or chunks or canned yunk.  How could any nutrition that might be available in the cheap quantity corn, grains, produce, and meat by-products they are buying from all over the world be maintained in the product that is cooked to kibbles or canned yunk, that then sits in warehouses for however long, and ultimately arrives on your grocery store's shelves for your pet to eat?

What are the dyes and other additives they use to "enhance flavor"?  Why don't they put on their labels the source of their colorings, their flavor enhancements, the country of origin? 

Why doesn't the label tell you what 'crude fat' and 'crude protein' actually mean?

Why?   Because you wouldn't buy the product if the answers to these questions were on the label.

Protect your pet's health.  Feed your pet only what you eat.  Feed your pet 'people quality' food.  Simply make extra servings of whatever you are preparing for yourself and your family for your pet.

Dr. Gladys Block of the University of California views "fruits and vegetables as a powerful preventive drug that could substantially wipe out the scrouge of cancer, just as cleaning up the water supply eliminated past epidemics, such as cholera."
                                                                  Quote from Jean Carper's book, 'Food: the Miracle Medicine'.

The most important thing you can do for your dog or cat is to eliminate pet food altogether from his or her diet and place him or her on a healthful 'people' food diet instead.  This will provide your pet with the best opportunity for abundant good health and long life.

Large dogs can live into their mid twenties without health problems on healthful 'people' food diets.  You can also supplement with vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Your vet bills will normally not exceed the yearly shots if your pet is on healthful and nutritious 'people' food.
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